Fresh Meat is a specialty Online store chain, retailing wide variety of Fresh meat cuts like fresh Fish Prawns Fresh seafood and related products. Fresh, premium quality prime Fish,beef, mutton and chicken along with Ready to Cook Fish Beef meat products and Ready to Eat range offering. Our primary objective is to provide the customers with finest quality meat slaughtered and handled in a hygienic environment. In addition to this, we also provide the customers with a wide range of meat cuts to choose from. With Fresh Meat, you have got it all!

Across Fresh Meat outlets in Pakistan, customers can choose from variety of expert cuts of Mutton, Beef, Chicken and Fish, carefully carved by expert butchers to deliver you the finest cuts for a premium eating experience. Alternatively, for those looking for a meal on the go, Freshmeat also offer marinated range which can easily be prepared in minutes by even the busiest cook.

Fresh Meat also provides Store to Door delivery service for its customers, and ensures that you get the same high quality product as you get

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